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Will 5G Transform the Internet?

There is always a lot of excitement when people hear about the possibility of their internet connections becoming faster. It was true when the 3G connections went up to 4G. And it was certainly true when internet speeds got faster for home users. But there seems to be a lot of hype around the transition to 5G. We are trying to understand why a lot of this talk has been centering around the move to 5G. We will also explain how it is going to impact the average user who is thinking about how they will be using their mobile internet connection in the coming years.

The fact is that 5G is not close to implementation yet. We still need to see improvement on broadband power dividers and some other parts. But there is a good chance that we will see some rollout in 2018 and beyond. Then we will be interested to see how phone companies are going to respond. What people do not know is that almost every mainstream smartphone has no 5G support. So those new networks would not work with current smartphones. And that is part of the reason why some people are uncertain whether they should be spending a lot of money on a smartphone.

broadband power dividers

And the reason why so many people are curious about 5G is because they see it as a complete transformation of the internet. You will now have speeds that are faster than most home internet – on your phone. That means people will have this rapid internet access wherever they are going. And it means a lot more than being able to download videos quicker. It means that every service that is using the internet has more capabilities. It means a huge amount for consumers, but also for companies in different industries.

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